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Over the past 20 years, we have been bearing witness to the evolution of many Middle Eastern cities. Abu Dhabi is one of them - developing economically, expanding socially and growing culturally. In its ongoing construction state, erecting new landmarks amidst old buildings, modernity is paving its path and showing that dreams are becoming reality.


“Capture” illustrates this specific moment in time. It highlights the power of these man-made icons along with the right use of technology which allow us to shape cities, modernize their infrastructure and create architectural masterpieces. Around them, new attractions are born and brighter futures see are forged.


“Capture” is a series of different types of construction machines, made of lacquered brushed brass as well as a lighting mock-up of the actual Louvre of Abu Dhabi made of green onyx and lacquered polished brass. 


Brass lacquered 

Green Onyx 

©carlo massoud

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