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Carlo Massoud’s work stems from his relentless questioning of social, political, cultural, and environmental norms. He often pushes his viewers to question their knowledge of the subject, leading them towards thought-inducing confusion and provocation.


“I am in persistent search for new spaces, ideas, cultures, and destinations, and I actively document, research, and collect information from various sources.”


The exploration of new and unknown places is key to his creations. Through these, he finds new stories to tell and share through collaborating with local artisans and designers, creating a global narrative that stems from unique associations of people, cultures, and materials.


“Collaborating with local visionaries allows me to discover new techniques of production, while using basic materials and groundbreaking technology. Our united effort creates an exchange of cultures, knowledge, and possibilities.”


Having graduated from ECAL in Switzerland, he began his career working with Nasser Nakib Architect in New York City, where he was in charge of high-end residential projects, creating bespoke furniture and architectural details. In 2013, he began working under his own name, participating in international fairs, including the Armory Show (NYC), Southern Guild (Cape Town), Design Days (Dubai), among many. 

©carlo massoud

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